Training for Latte Art…with cubism as the result.

Today I had my first freakout.

I stood in front of the bar, like ive done for twelve years , and tried to pour a rosetta. Tried.

And Failed.

Sometimes I really wonder if I know anything. And how is it that some 50 Baristas even listen to what I am saying. And why in the world do they believe me? I am just another one of them…trying to hone a skill that will never be good enough in my eyes.

My hands. They didn’t do what I told them. They did the opposite.

I said ‘pour rosetta’ and they said no. Disobedient muscle mechanisms that tell me I’ve been off bar for too long. How does this happen?

What do I feel? A sense of insecurity. An anger that I allowed my mind to drift into the cup and not into the sensation that runs free with a great pour. Trying to be an architect when I need to just be an artist. Trying to write numbers when all I should do is allow myself to hear sound.

The sound of the way it swirls in my jug. The sound of the way the espresso pours into the cup. The sound of waves being formed by the white textured paint that floats itself on top of a brown surface.

Today I tried to control the uncontrollable. I didn’t surrender myself to the skill that is inside of me. Today I didn’t surrender. I controlled. And in the most ridiculous way.

If you want to surf on a wave, you must learn how to surrender yourself to the wave. To the power that is behind it. To the natural physics that give it the beauty of its nature. You musn’t try to control it, or you will find yourself tumbling under its roar. Instead…you must feel it and become a part of it. And from there you can carve any shape imaginable. I had learned that lesson long ago. And now I learn it again.

The only control I have is of the mind. Not in formulas or calculations. Rather in facing fear and tackling distraction. The connection that lives beyond a barista on a bar. Beyond a ten leaf tulip. The one that just feels, senses, connects and stops trying to control. The one that understands that it is the hand, the speed, the pour, and the image that want to come together without distortion. The sensing of the body and the miniature movements it can create…to become one with another object wanting to be created.

The world will be full of distractions, but the mindspace can be worked like a muscle. And tonight it rang so true. If I want to be great…then I must first let go and trust that my body understands what it needs to do. I have never really trained my latter art beyond a clean design. Tonight I finally find the value in training it. It will teach me the mind space for all other competitions.

Im now sitting at St Pauls Taylor St. And I know I have to push myself to try again.

I don’t like training in front of people…and there are four people here. Of which three I train on various topics in coffee. It scares me to try again in front of them.  But now I realise its something I must do.

The Mindspace.