In 2016/2017 I decided to compete in everything I could.

I never thought i’d have a blog.

But I also never thought i’d commit to doing that many competitions.

In fact I guess I never really even thought it would be a thing. Nor did I realise no one in the world had ever tried to do it. And of course the competitive nature in me felt inspired to be the first.

At the start of this journey, I wanted to explore the following:

-How to think like a child and allow the mind to be open and learn from the moment, rather than allowing the inner adult to control everything.

-How to allow the mind to wander free and not be fearful of failure, but rather realise the amazing knowledge it can gain from the unsuccessful attempts we are willing to make.

-How to learn to loose…in order allow ourselves to win.

-How to be free enough to understand what it is…my own psychology.

-How to…for once in this world…be honest, transparent, and free. To not fear what people will say or think. To be willing to share all things, whether good or bad.

-Competition or R & D.

-Fear as a fuel and at the same time a great inner enemy.

-Highs and the lows.

-Honest and free.

I wrote some posts during, and am now following that up by posting everything I never managed to post, as well as all the new experiences I am having. The season has started again… and there is more to explore.

The purpose of this blog is now metamorphosing. Many posts will be about competition, some about Coffee in general, and other about the journey of a coffee professional.