So I have a confession: I’m not a production roaster.

Since I have committed to competing in every competition this year, that obviously includes roasting. Which is quite amusing seeing as I am not really a production roaster.

Sure. I spent over a year in Workshop coffees roastery doing loads of different things, but none of them included production roasting. And just as I got on the 25 kilo probat to finally learn… I decided to shift companies and head over to Taylor Street for bigger long-term opportunities.  I’d learned loads in the roastery at Workshop coffee.  But at that point I knew that while becoming a production roaster for Workshop coffee would have been super interesting, my long term goals required the shift to a job role that held more long term prospects.

That brings me to now. I am sitting here, having a look at the rules for this roasting competition. I’ve just received a text confirming that Andrew has successfully entered me. And half of me is realising I’m absolutely mental while the other half is really excited…like a little kid with a brand new toy.

The truth: I have no idea what I am doing. I have a pretty strong background in QC, but less so on the production roasting side. I have less than three weeks to learn how to, not just roast, but also write a curve that I can explain and accurately follow. I am genuinely excited: I get to learn again. It’s been a while!


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